We run a series of talks focused on security. In 2015, the talks were strictly from UMass Amherst faculty. In 2016, the series was also comprised on speakers from industrial and academic research laboratories.

In 2017-2018 we hosted the following speakers. All talks in Computer Science 151 at 4pm: 

  • Oct 18: Nick Feamster, "Who Will Control Speech Online?"
  • Feb 6: Mark Bun, "Finding Structure in the Landscape of Differential Privacy"
  • Feb 28: Dakshita Khurana "Breaking Cryptographic Barriers"
  • Feb 27: Thomas Steinke, "Protecting Privacy and Guaranteeing Generalization with Algorithmic Stability"
  • Mar 1:  Kirill Levchenko, "Spam, Drugs, and Diesel: An Evidence-Based Approach to Computer Security"
  • March 8: Kartik Nayak "Using Efficient Oblivious Computation to Keep Data Private and Obfuscate Programs"
  • April 5: Paul Pearce, Title TBA


The series will continue in Fall 2018 as a weekly event on Wednesdays. Students can register for Compsci 591CF.