Active Graduate Students in Security

Fatemeh Rezaei, PhD student.  Advisor: Houmansadr

Hadi Zolfaghari, PhD student.  Advisor:  Houmansadr

Milad Nasr, PhD student.  Advisor:  Houmansadr

Ahmad Sepahi, PhD student.  Advisor:  Houmansadr

Alireza Bahramali, PhD student.  Advisor:  Houmansadr

Hamid Mozaffari, PhD student.  Advisor:  Houmansadr

Virat Shejwalkar, PhD student.  Advisor:  Houmansadr

Ryan McKenna, PhD student.  Advisor:  Miklau

Tengyang Xie, PhD student.  Advisor:  Miklau

Dan Zhang, PhD student.  Advisor:  Miklau

Keen Sung, PhD student.  Cellular privacy.  Advisor:  Levine

Pinar Ozisik, PhD student.  Blockchain security.  Advisor:  Levine

Arta Razavi, MS student.  Blockchain security.  Advisor:  Levine

Rachee Singh, PhD student.  Advisor:  Gill

Arian Niaki, PhD student.  Advisor:  Gill

Rishab Nithyanand, Postdoctoral Researcher. Advisor: Gill

Abbas Razaghpanah, PhD student. Advisor: Gill

Shinyoung Cho, PhD student. Advisor: Gill

Active Graduate Students from Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

George Provelengios, PhD student. Microprocessor software security.  Advisor: Tessier

Xuzhi Zhang, PhD student.  Network security.  Advisor: Tessier

Srinivasa Varadan Ramanujam, PhD Student.  Hardware Security.  Advisor: Burleson

Shayan Moini, PhD Student.  ML Acceleration and Security.  Advisor: Burleson

Jackie Lagasse, MS Student. Side Channel Countermeasures. Advisor: Burleson

Dong Chen, PhD student.  IoT Privacy.  Advisor: Irwin

Xiaozhe Shao, PhD student.  IoT Security.  Advisor: Gao

Sebastian Wallat, PhD student.  FPGA Security.  Advisor: Paar

Siva Nishok Dhanuskodi, PhD student.  Low-Power Design of Hardware Security Primitives.  Advisor: Holcomb

Shahrzad Keshavarz, PhD student.  Hardware Obfuscation and Reverse Engineering.  Advisor: Holcomb

Peter Stanwicks, MS Student. FPGA and Hardware. Advisor: Holcomb

Xiang Li, PhD Student. Supply Chain. Advisor: Holcomb

Vinay Patil, PhD student.  Hardware Security.  Advisor: Kundu

Md Nazmul Islam, PhD student.  Hardware Security.  Advisor: Kundu