All Security Courses

The schedule of security classes offered by UMass Amherst.
Title Next Offeredsort descending Class meets on Time Instructor
CICS 597C Introduction to Computer Security Online Parviz Kermani
MATH 571 Intro to Mathematical Cryptography Jan 2017 Paul Gunnells
INFOSEC 690R Information Risk Management Jun 2017 Tuesday, Thursday, Remote participation Amanda Andress
COMPSCI 591L Computer Crime Law Sep 2017 Marc Liberatore
COMPSCI 690B Detecting Interference in Networks Jan 2018 Phillipa Gill
ECE 597AB/697AB Security Engineering Jan 2018 Prof. Wayne Burleson
INFOSEC 690F Fraud Detection Jan 2018 Online Prof. Marc Liberatore
COMPSCI 590B Detecting Interference in Networks Jan 2018 Phillipa Gill
LLCOM101 Introduction to Scripting with Python Mar 2018 Online David Wemhoener
COMPSCI 197S Basics of Security Mar 2018 Monday, Wednesday Shruti Jadon
COMPSCI 460 Introduction to Computer and Network Security Sep 2018 Tuesday, Thursday Amir Houmansadr
COMPSCI 591CF Seminar - Cybersecurity Lecture Series Sep 2018 Wednesday Multiple Instructors
COMPSCI 590A System Defense and Test Sep 2018 Online Dr. Parviz Kermani
ECE 544/644 Trustworthy Computing Sep 2018 Tuesday, Thursday 1:00 - 2:15 Prof. Aura Ganz
ECE 597RE/697RE Reverse Engineering Sep 2018 Tuesday, Thursday 4:00 - 5:15 Prof. Wayne Burleson
COMPSCI 391L Computer Crime Law Sep 2018 Tuesday, Thursday Marc Liberatore
COMPSCI 365 Digital Forensics Jan 2019 Marc Liberatore
COMPSCI 660 Advanced Information Assurance Jan 2019 Prof. Amir Houmansadr
COMPSCI 461/661 Secure Distributed Systems Jan 2019 Monday, Online Brian Levine
COMPSCI 597N Introduction to Computer & Network Security Jan 2019 Online Parviz Kermani
COMPSCI 590F Advanced Digital Forensics Jan 2019 Tuesday, Thursday, Online 11:30-12:45 Marc Liberatore
CmpSci 691M: Adversarial Machine Learning Jan 2019 Wednesday 11:15-12:05 Brian Levine, David Jensen
INFOSEC 690L Internet Law & Policy May 2019 Online Marvin Cable, Esquire