The University of Massachusetts Cybersecurity Institute is a multi-disciplinary home for security research and education at UMass. The driving mission of the Institute is to advance Security for the Common Good. Researchers and educators that are a part of the Institute lead projects and courses that help society, including increasing privacy, protecting personal information, thwarting exploitation of the vulnerable, and increasing access to the Internet.  Working with partners in government, industry, and academia, the Institute seeks to advance scientific and societal understanding of pressing issues in the field.

Faculty and students that are part of the Institute work in research areas spanning security, privacy, and forensics challenges in networking and communications, embedded systems, software engineering, software systems, applied cryptography, policy, cryptocurrency, and more. Across many colleges, we offer a world-class curriculum in security as part of certificates and BA, BS, MS, and PhD degrees.



Recent News

October 10, 2019
October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and the Cybersecurity Institute will host four guest speakers this October from government, industry, and higher education to promote cybersecurity awareness.
October 01, 2019
Professor Amir Houmansadr received a two-year $600,000 DARPA Grant to investigate the privacy of messaging applications. 
September 19, 2019
The "Stamatis Vassiliadis" Best Paper Award at FPL 2019 conference was awarded to George Provelengios, Daniel Holcomb, and Russell Tessier for their paper entitled: "Characterizing Power Distribution Attacks in Multi-User FPGA Environments"
August 25, 2019
Brian Levine gave an invited talk at the 2019 USENIX Security  Symposium in Santa Clara, California on August  15. The talk "Shining Light on Internet-based Crimes Against Children" discussed measurements of Internet-based crimes against children... more
June 10, 2019
Former UMass Amherst College of Information and Computer Sciences faculty Kevin Fu and alums Thomas Heydt-Benjamin (MS '07), Benjamin Ransford (MS '10, PhD '13), Shane Clark (BS '07, MS '11, PhD '13), and Benessa Defend (MS '08) have received the... more